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Quality Policy

At AGT, quality is an integral part of our corporate business principles. These principles ensure the actions we take to deliver our products and services to our clients are safe, compliant and the preferred method when executing best business practices. These principles are essential to the achievement of our mission, to be recognized and trusted as a leading service provider in the region.

We never compromise on safety, compliance or quality of products and services offered. This requires commitment from the staff and empowers all employees to take action to protect the Company and client as well as our Brand. Summarized, our quality policy incorporates our commitment to excellence and includes:

  • Fostering a Quality First Corporate Culture
  • Complying with relevant laws and regulations including internal requirements
  • Kaizen approach as it relates to our QMS
  • Emphasizing Quality Control through standards, training, supervision and communication
  • Effective implementation of ISO 9001:2015 certified system based processes and procedures

Teamwork, participation, accountability and support by management and ancillary staff combine to help us achieve our quality objectives. AGT remains committed to the sustainable creation of value and to effectively and efficiently build customer trust through the implementation of our QMS.