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Agency & Sponsorship

Any company or entity, interested to do business in Kuwait needs a local sponsor to legally operate their business and also be in compliance with the locals rules & regulations of Kuwait. This can be achieved by appointing a local company as their Agent in the country or by entering into a sponsorship agreement with a local entity.

AGT has over 20 years of experience working in the Middle East, is well versed with the requirements of the region and is capable of providing Sponsorship Services as well as Agency Services to its foreign clients. To support the foreign client’s efforts in Kuwait, American General Trading and Contracting Company WLL in Kuwait (AGT) along with its US-based associate organization, American General Trading US (AGTUS Inc.), AGT will devise solutions that best suits the purpose and interests of the foreign entity. We have long term regional strategic alliances for processing all sponsorship related requirements in Bahrain and UAE and is the only Company that is authorized and have demonstrated capability to obtain Background Clearance Checks (Police Clearance Certificates) for US citizens from Kuwait.

Over the past 5-6 years there has been several changes in Immigration Laws and AGT’s team of dedicated professionals have worked diligently to revise the company policies and procedures to meet the new stringent requirements of the Kuwait Government. Our Sponsorship team, headed by a US Citizen, is well versed with the changes, updates etc., from the Ministry and the Client is updated on a regular basis. We are proud to announce that our Sponsorship & Agency Services is a turnkey solutions and is inclusive of all costs involved in the process.

Our services include:

  • New Company Registration & Licensing
  • Formation & registration of Agencies and Joint Ventures
  • Compliance with all relevant Ministries of Kuwait
  • Opening of Government Project Files and managing its operations.
  • Obtain Commercial Visa 14 and Work Visa 18
  • Transfer Work Visa 18 from existing sponsor
  • Wages Protection System Compliance
  • Vehicle Registration and Driving Licenses
  • Background Clearance Checks for US Citizens