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President Message Sheila S. Gittens

AGT's mission is to be the Professional Services Firm of choice in the region, helping our clients and partners minimize the risk inherent in this business environment.  As a pioneer in the realm of construction and contracting in the M.E., we understand the risk vs reward scenarios that manifest in the market and have been successful in selecting windfall opportunities  effectively.  Our approach to creating the foundation for solid relationships stems from our desire to build long lasting commitments based on trust, ethics and sound practices with proven results. 

Whether AGT is your Partner and/or solution provider expect to work with a team of experienced, highly motivated professionals that will earn your confidence and respect.  Our multinational workforce brings a global perspective, however, each member of the team has a local understanding of their respective markets as well as industry specific nuances. The fact that AGT has been executing gov't and private sector contracts for 2 decades is a testament to the professionalism of our team and our commitment to excellence.  

We remain steadfast in our pursuit of satisfied clients through hiring the most astute and well rounded professionals, understanding our clients needs and reaffirming their objectives in route to achieving mission goals.  Our ideology has kept us ahead of the wave through volatile economies and shielded us from the pitfalls that capsized other companies.  I believe in staying true to the principles that birth success and garner achievement.  Commitment, self reliance, social responsibility and moral standing are our foundation.