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Industrial Cleaning

Skip cleanup problems

Eliminate the high operational & maintenance costs:

  • One Dry Ice Blasting machine replacing multiple machines such as grit blasting rigs and hoods, solvent sprayers, dunk tanks, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and drying rooms. Take the machine to the equipment to be cleaned, clean it in place, and save the cost of moving everything from one cleaning station to another.
  • Saves floor space otherwise required for dunk tanks and grit-blasting workstations, complete with hoods, fume or dust catchers, and media storage.
  • Eliminates the storage of Hazmat at site and eliminates the use of specialized clothing for workers using grit blasting or solvent cleaning etc. and also eliminates maintenance cost for all the vehicles.

Eliminate the disassembly or dismantling:

Dry Ice Blast cleaning is done on site and does not require disassembly or dismantling of equipment at site. Less removal meaning less damages to the equipment and other connected parts. Less downtime means better productivity, resulting in greater margins for the client.